Browning Citori 20

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Something has caught my eye that I would like to purchase but would need to part with this little Citori to do so. The stock is refinished and the bluing is deep and very good except for some scrapes along the rib where it was leaned against a tailgate or something a few times. Mechanically it is stiff to open and shows very little to no signs of where. It has 26 inch barrels, 2 3/4 - 3 inch chambers and is choked full over modified. The bores look like mirrors. It is very fast handling and just a nice upland gun to carry. It would easily rate good to very good condition and should provide many years if not generations of enjoyment.

I have not owned this one long but went over the stock removing the poly finish and hand rubbed it with oil. I fired a couple of boxes at clays and it functions perfectly and shoots where I am looking with both barrels.

I have absolutely no use for the barrel selector on the Citori as I have a tendency to push it sideways and forward either binding it or changing barrels when unwanted. This is every Citori I have fired not just this one but thought it should be disclosed. This feature is easily disabled if desired but it doesn't seem to bother the Citori fans out there.

This gun should easily be worth $1000 picked up in the Red Deer area or we can discuss shipping. EMT or cash in person only, PAL a must. I am going to post this in several places but if it doesn't sell right away I will keep it as my other intended purchase will not be available long.



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